Online platforms empowering female entrepreneurs to success

March 2022

Women entrepreneurs are more empowered than ever! According to the latest US Census report, they currently employ 10.1 million workers and generate $1.8 trillion in revenue. Here are the best tips and resources to help women-owned businesses thrive. Yes, women entrepreneurs, the force is with you, and so are we! We put together a list of resources specifically for women entrepreneurs:

Women-Focused Networking Groups & Associations.

Women who support other women grow. When women start their businesses, they choose to lead on their terms. But this doesn’t mean that they’re alone. On the contrary, successful female leaders recognize the immense benefits of nurturing a sense of community. 

Connect with other successful women entrepreneurs if you want constant encouragement and wise advice in your entrepreneurial journey. Open yourself to sharing your current challenges and accomplishments. Women business networking groups and events promote education, guidance, mentoring, and a lot of cheering you on! 

These are some groups and resources to network that empowering women entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurial Skillset Development for Women.

Empower yourself with knowledge. Starting and, most importantly, caring for and growing your business is challenging work. Thankfully, women business owners love venturing into exciting journeys of self-development, new skills, and knowledge.

There are countless ways to improve your organizational, finance, and management skills. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll have become a business guru in all aspects of the trade. It’s all about setting aside time to improve your entrepreneurial skills every week progressively. These skills will help you sharpen up that arrow and aim for growth. As your business profits increase, you’ll be able to hire, recruit, and delegate tasks and areas of expertise.

Best resources to train and learn entrepreneurial skills:

An entrepreneur woman mentoring her client.Women Mentorship Programs.

Find someone to motivate you and push you to take action. Older generations would probably agree, it’s a golden era for women entrepreneurs. Just swipe through your phone or turn on the news, and you’ll find a female CEO, successful women business owners, and mentors to turn to.

Women are not scared about openly discussing the challenges that many female leaders previously had to face on their own. But, most importantly, they’re also offering loads of wise advice and guidance to empower other women to step up and follow their dreams courageously.

Women are progressively encouraging self-empowerment. Great news! Women’s self-esteem is lower than men’s; according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, women typically self-assess their performance as lower than men, even if the work is similar. A mentor or coach can boost your confidence levels and, most importantly, hold you accountable for moving steady and executing!

Helpful resources to connect with the right mentor or leadership coach:

Business Loans & Working Capital for Women-Owned Businesses

Nurture your business with working capital. Women business owners must fight many battles when getting funding for their business. In fact, according to a study by Babson College, they often manage to grow their startup or new business while being underfunded. This is also backed up by the National Women’s Council stats that prove that women entrepreneurs start companies with half as much capital as their male counterparts. 

This lack of funds limits their recruitment and makes it more difficult to access new markets. Despite this, there’s a reason for hope and optimism, alternative funding programs that advocate for women business owners. One Park Financial believes that the empowerment of women entrepreneurs and business owners is a crucial driver of national economic growth. This is why we want to make working capital accessible to women entrepreneurs who have been in business for at least three months and generate more than $7,500 in monthly revenue. 

We believe in supporting business owners with great vision and spirit. Yes, we’re talking about women entrepreneurs! Check if you pre-qualify for funding in minutes. We want to connect you and your business with financially rewarding opportunities for your business.