How to Use Outsourcing & Avoid Burnout When Growing your Small Business

March 2019

Are you actively involved in growing your small business, or are you wasting time on tasks that don’t need your personal attention? When you first launch your company, you probably have to handle everything. But when your business expands and you begin to see success, you want to free yourself from the tasks that someone else can do better, and refocus on the unique skills that you bring to the business.

Many small business owners have a difficult time handing over parts of their business to other people. Can you trust them to do a great job? After all, there is no way that someone else will care about your business the way that you do. And that’s true – but the people you hire care about their own businesses, and have a strong incentive to do right by the people who hire them.

The other decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to outsource work to another country, or keep it onshore. Cost is obviously the driving issue here, but you need to determine whether cheaper will save you money in the long run. Gauge the skills of the people you’re considering outsourcing to, and consider whether they can really do the work you want to outsource. Also, consider the privacy regulations, security profile and business processes that are in place in countries that you may be outsourcing to – do they align with your needs?

In some cases, you can “outsource” a task to a piece of software, in others you hire an agency or a service provider. You can find the right people the same way as you do when looking for a new employee or a contractor: read online reviews, ask other business owners and your friends/family, and use your online and offline professional networks.

The tasks you can outsource include:


Unless you’re a technical whiz, letting someone else handle your company’s tech is probably a good idea. One area where small businesses typically need help is digital security – hardening all your business devices that are connected to the internet, to reduce the risk of malicious hackers breaking into your system and either stealing critical data or holding it for ransom. You may need assistance in figuring out a solid data backup plan. You also want someone who will be able to fix a sudden computer catastrophe along with those small tech annoyances.


Depending on your expertise with social media, online advertising, media relations and developing content, you may want to outsource at least some of these tasks to people with experience and skills. Remember you need a marketing plan, not just some Facebook posts and tweets, to achieve sustainable results. Look for a consultant or outsourcing firm that can help you figure out how to accomplish your business goals through marketing, and how to measure your results – as well as creating content.


Even if you love math and spreadsheets, you should seriously consider handing over at least some part of your financial tasks to an expert. Payroll in particular, is a good process to outsource as small mistakes can end up costing you big money in fines and penalties from the IRS. Preparing your taxes is another area where you’ll want expert help (unless you run a tax preparation business, of course) and basic bookkeeping may be something that you can happily hand over as well.


You can work with local freelancers or hire someone who lives thousands of miles away from you. Either way, you get the benefits of an additional staff member without the complications of providing benefits and perks, and staying in compliance with employment regulations. Freelancers, contractors and consultants manage their own businesses or work through agencies. You can bring on freelancers with expertise in many areas, from marketing to content creating to virtual assistants.

Whatever is taking up too much of your time:

From coding and maintaining your website or online store, to managing logistics or customer care, to keeping the office clean – there’s an outsourcing option for virtually any task.

Focus on doing the things that only you can do, and outsource the rest. Chances are your business will prosper when you refocus on doing the things that really drive your success. And when you need working capital to achieve your business goals, turn to One Park Financial. The company’s small business funding experts will explain your options and guide you through the funding process. For more information visit or call 855.218.8819.