How To Prep Your Business For Success in 2017

January 2017

It's a new year and that means it's a fresh start for your business. Take these first few weeks to plan and prepare for the year ahead. By doing so you are setting yourself up for a more effective year and increasing your chances at success. Here are some tips for your 2017!

1- Crunch the numbers : The new year provides a great opportunity to let go of what’s no longer serving your company and fully commit to what is. Take stock of what’s been working for your business and what hasn’t. Evaluate your expenses for inefficiencies, determine whether any of your goods or services are proving unprofitable, take stock of your competitors to assess whether you’re losing ground, resolve existing personnel or leadership issues, evaluate any obstacles inhibiting further growth, and identify potential solutions to those obstacles.

2- Establish short- and long-term goals: Outline your short- and long term-goals for every quarter. Make sure each of your goals is specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and trackable.

3- Make sure your digital presence is up to date: The end of the year is often when we start to let things slide. We may have neglected social media profiles or allowed the company's SEO to slip. Use the first weeks of the year to go over your business’ digital presence with a fine-tooth comb. Update any out-of-date information and refresh social media accounts. Delete accounts entirely if you determine you’re not able to keep up with them in a consistent manner

4- Refresh your workplace: Start the year off by organizing your work space and office. Have employees clean out their desks, discard of broken equipment and get organized.