The Truth about Online and Alternative Small Business Funding. Five Common Myths Debunked!

July 2021


We understand why you might have doubts when it comes to opting for online or alternative funding for your small business. There is a lack of information, many misconceptions and yes- you said it, small business predators out there.

And that’s why we decided to dig in, provide clarity on the matter and deconstruct some common myths around online and alternative funding; a booming industry that more and more small business owners are picking as their preferred and most loyal funding partner.

Ready? Let’s plunge into the nitty-gritty truth. Here are the top five most common myths about online and alternative small business funding, debunked!

1. The alternative funding experience is ambiguous and not personalized.

If you value personal interaction, great customer service, and the security of knowing who is handling your funding request, then alternative funding is for you.

Take, Anne McCrory for example, owner of Buckhorn Café, a small family-owned store, restaurant, and bar with almost a century of trajectory. Anne has relied on One Park Financial, an alternative small business funder for years now. Why? Because the financial advisors have constantly made sure that she feels secure and informed every step along the way.

“They’ve been there. Each and every person that I’ve dealt with, they’ve explained if I didn’t understand, they’ve offered so much information for us. They’re really good people,” says Anne McCrory, referring to her funding partner of preference, One Park Financial.

Anne is just one of the thousands of hundreds of business owners that have created an enduring relationship with this alternative business founder. Want to get to know other successful Merchant Success stories? Click here.

2. You have to accept funding once you qualify

Once you accept a bank loan, there’s no turning back. Once you say “I do” to a long-time marriage of mortgage, you’ll be hitched for years starting from that very first second. But if you opt for alternative lenders, you literally run no risk when applying.

No, we can’t build a time machine that will allow you to go back if you change your mind, but what alternative small business funders such as One Park Financial can offer you is a seven-day right to rescission. This means that if your life takes an unexpected turn, you get cold feet or you’re just not ready to accept your funding offer and want to take a rain check, you have seven days to return your funding at no additional cost, whatsoever.

And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about dealing with a hard pull that could negatively affect your credit. Alternative funders will measure your business’ potential instead.

3. Payments are inflexible

Another myth out there that we can easily put to rest. Alternative funders offer diverse payment flexibility and work one on one with each client to come up with a package that benefits everyone. Instead, bank loans often establish strict arbitrary limits when it comes to payment conditions.

Here are some of the many payment benefits you can receive with One Park Financials’ preferred funding partner:

- Accelerated Delivery Discounts. You won’t get fined if you pay back earlier, you’ll be rewarded with a reduced fee on your payments.

- Your personal assets will remain safe. The funding you receive is backed up by the performance of your business and not your personal.

- Payments can be adjusted if the performance of your business changes.

4. Alternative funding isn’t reliable.

It’s time to destroy a conspiracy theory that’s been growing like wildfire. Alternative funders are not con artists that will lure you, trick you, and take everything you have. That could not be farther from the truth.

In fact, many alternative funders work hard to educate small business owners about how they can protect themselves from schemes and scams, such as signing away their rights through confession of judgment.

Confession of judgments are a dangerous tactic and legal document that places the liability and damages on the borrower, allowing the lender to circumvent the right to due process in case debt goes unpaid. Leaving the borrower defenseless when it comes to disputing future claims at court.

One Park Financial has been in the small business funding industry for more than a decade and has always advocated against confession of judgment. Why? Because they want to be distinguished from the unscrupulous brokers who have engaged in predatory lending giving the entire industry a bad name.

5. Getting qualified for Alternative Funding takes too long.

Wrong, again! One of the things that leads people to alternative lending is actually- speed. Many small business owners need funding to make day-to-day decisions. And that is why they seek alternative funding options.

Alternative funding sources provide working capital and other forms of financing for small and medium-sized businesses whose owners need to access funds quickly and/or don’t qualify for more traditional loans from a bank. Business owners don’t need to have perfect credit scores to be approved for funding. Plus, the application process for alternative funding is likely to take minutes, not months.

One Park Financial offers pre-qualification in less than 24 hours and funding in up to 72 hours. You can check if you qualify for small business funding in a couple of minutes from your home or business by clicking here. Visit to connect with a funding expert to discover the options that make sense for you and your business.