One Park Financial Partners Up With The United Way for a Year-Round Campaign

August 2017

One Park Financial, a leading financial tech firm that has changed the way business owners receive funding, is partnering with The United Way of Miami Dade to give back to their community. One Park Financial, whom is known for their flexible financing and funding options without all the conflicts associated with traditional bank financing, wanted to make sure it was giving back to their community in a hands-on manner.

Earlier this year, the company completed a volunteer day alongside The United Way which sparked the motivation to introduce a yearlong volunteer initiative. The company's Grovies (employees) visited Golden Glades Elementary in Opa Locka, FL for an afternoon of beautifying the school grounds. Grovies were split into groups and spent the day re-painting sidewalks, sanding and painting pillars and sprucing up benches.

"We wanted to give our Grovies the chance to get involved in the community and partnering with The United Way has given them just that. We're able to help our community in a hands-on environment that benefits the community and leaves our Grovies feeling good that they were able to help those in need," says CEO John M. Lie-Nielsen.

To continue on their quest to build a better Miami, One Park Financial will launch its yearlong partnership this August. The first project the company will be involved in is the ALICE project. It is a collaborative effort to improve the lives of those who are vulnerable and low-income. The goal is to offer a voice to these individuals through awareness and to provide a framework of financial stability.

In teaming up with The United Way, One Park Financial will continue to live through its core values and build upon culture by participating in volunteer work involving education and children. The company will join the LINC group where members will work on various beautification projects for classrooms and outside school areas. Individuals will also engage in activities such as arts and crafts and reading for kids.

"This is an exciting time for us. Getting the opportunity to collaborate with the United Way and spend the year helping the community is something we've wanted to do for a while and we're excited to finally be able to get our company involved. This is a great way to bring our company together to work together to improve the community we all care about," says President Ben McCrery.

The United Way has planned a year-round of opportunities for One Park Financial to continue giving back to its community. Together they will accomplish a set of goals to build a stronger Miami.