How it works

At One Park Financial, we understand that applying for credit from a bank can be a long, drawn out process that many small and mid-sized businesses with no success. We are experts at pairing businesses with funders, and since 2010, we have been making a difference in the lives of business owners across the country.

We work individually with each business to get you the capital you need and have access to a network of affiliated or 3rd party funders that offer a variety of flexible financing and funding options without all the hassles, hurdles and games associated with traditional bank financing.

The One Park Advantage. Our Process

One Park Financial follows a streamlined process to get your business the best financing offer as quickly as possible. Initially, we submit your application to an affiliated, preferred partner that offers the following best-in-class benefits:

  • Right to Cancel.

    A seven-day, no-cost right of recission eliminates any risk of if you decide to cancel.

  • Discounts for Early Payment.

    Accelerated Delivery Discounts allow you to pay reduced fees if you decide to pay your advance early.

  • No Confession of Judgment.

    Don’t worry about signing away your rights.

One Park’s preferred financing partner will review your application in hours and if they cannot offer you a solution, we work to find a financing option with one of the other financing partners in our network.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Get Qualified in minutes and Funded in days


    We work with businesses open for 3+ months.


    We work with revenues of $7,500 or more.


    Bad Credit? Not a problem.

  • Industries

    We work with a majority of industries.

**This minimum revenue requirement does NOT apply to business owners in California. For businesses in California, a $12,000 minimum is required. We are currently NOT accepting brand new applications of businesses based in California.

With minimal paperwork required and a super simple online process, business owners no longer need to wait in line at a bank to get financing. Our customer experience is designed to get actual results for small businesses, saving them time, and ultimately helping them acquire the funding they need to scale.

Contact us for your free, no obligation business funding pre-qualification assessment. Our goal is to help you find the business funds you need, even if you have imperfect credit or have experienced other challenges that prevent you to acquire a bank business loan.

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