6 Things Entrepreneurs Do Differently

August 2016

Not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. It’s a bold, scary, risk-filled choice. Yet, as you already know, the rewards are far greater than anything you’ll ever have working for someone else.

So what sets you apart from those who bore their friends and families with their great ideas that never go anywhere? This post will cover those innate qualities that most entrepreneurs are born with. The next will explore essential attributes that can be cultivated to help ensure success in your business.

1. You are action-oriented

You have an idea. You plan it out. You implement the steps. You become totally focused on your goal and you have the persistence to see it through. You don’t mind giving up an episode of Shark Tank to focus on your idea because . . .

2. You are passionate

When you got your idea you got goose bumps, probably butterflies in your stomach, because you knew this is what you were meant to do. Your business doesn’t seem like work because it fascinates you. Marketing your business comes naturally to you, because you want to tell everyone about your service or product and how it will improve their lives.

3. You are innovative

They say there are no new ideas under the sun, but when you started your business you created a new twist on an old idea, and you’re still doing so. You think beyond boundaries. Ideas to improve or expand upon your product or service occur to you everywhere, seemingly all the time. You also find creative ways around the problems that invariably crop up because . . .

4. You are independent

You think for yourself. Never satisfied to take the well-worn path, you prefer to strike out on your own. This is the essence of entrepreneurship. While you are self-reliant, with a strong sense of responsibility as well as an ability to multi-task, you also excel at building mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees.

5. You are tenacious

Rarely does an idea, service or product succeed on the first try, and certainly not without glitches along the way. You believe every problem (you prefer to call them “challenges”) has a solution, and you don’t rest until you find one. Or even more than one. Because at heart . . .

6. You are an optimist

There will be setbacks. Even failures. You know this, but you know you can learn from failure, incorporate those lessons into your revised business plan, and move on toward your goal.