Going Green Can Benefit Your Small Business

December 2015

With the new year approaching, now is the time to get ready for changes that will bring a successful 2017. Going green can be just one of those changes that can really help your small business. Studies show that 66% of consumers prefer to give their money to places that have gone green. Follow the below tips and get your business on the road to going green.

Reduce Energy: Start off by reducing your daily energy consumption. Simple steps to take are shutting off lights when not in use, turning off computers and unplugging items until they need to be used. You can also get an energy audit and find our other areas where you are using too much and find a solution how to reduce that. This helps the environment and will save you money on your energy bill.

Eliminate Paper Waste: Cut back on printing papers and vow to go paperless. Send bills and receipts through e-mail, if you must print, try printing double-sided. The papers you do print, recycle them. Add bins to your office to make this process easier.

Eliminate Disposables: You can also cut down on water bottles and paper coffee cups. Offer glasses by the water cooler and reusable coffee mugs instead. Clean with Green: Use environmentally friendly industrial and cleaning products. This will help cut down on sick days for your employees and take away the harmful chemicals in the air from other cleaning products.