One Park Financial Partners up With Health and Wellness Platform, Burnalong, to Protect Their Team From the Pandemic Burnout

September 2020

Coconut Grove, FL – Many American businesses have adapted their workplace policies to meet World Health Organization standard precautions during the pandemic. But have they considered taking the proper measures to protect their employees from other serious mental and health issues on the rise? 

One Park Financial recognizes that with so much upheaval in every part of life during the pandemic, workers have higher chances of feeling the effects of increased stress and poorer physical and mental health.  So, in order to encourage their team to stay active, healthy, and most importantly - balanced during the pandemic - they've partnered up with BurnAlong.

BurnAlong is a health and wellness digital platform that offers 45 different categories of physical activities each taught by a broad network of instructors. Employees can choose to practice on their own on-demand and also invite friends to join them live online.

According to a FlexJob and Mental Health America survey, prior to the pandemic, only 5% of employed workers said their mental health was poor or very poor. Now findings actually show that 18% of employed workers say they are struggling with mental health issues. 

The lack of workplace support on top of already challenging circumstances can negatively impact workers’ physical and mental health, that is why companies like One Park Financial strongly recommend other companies to start assisting their employees with physical and health resources such as BurnAlong. 

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