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Fund Street Technologies Brand, One Park Financial is Certified 4 Years in a Row as a "Great Place to Work™"

This 4-time "Great Place to Work™" Certification recognizes Fund Street Technologies' excellence in building high confidence, top-performing company culture.

Coconut Grove, FL- Thanks to their outstanding employee satisfaction ratings throughout the years, One Park Financial has earned Great Place to Work® Certification four consecutive times since 2017.

According to validated employee feedback gathered with Great Place to Work's data-driven methodology, one hundred percent of One Park Financials' staff recognized their company as the best place to work for 2020. Fund Street Technologies brand received exceptional scores in more than a dozen categories, among them: Support, Communication, Collaboration, Respect, Engagement, and Innovation.

 "This four-year in a row Great Place to Work® Certification demonstrates that we've built a solid foundation for excellent company culture. This past year was challenging, but we managed to innovate and grow together. And assure that our Grovies still felt proud, confident, and motivated in their workplace," said John Lie-Nielsen, Fund Street Technologies' Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder.

This leading small business financing company constantly goes above and beyond to invest in their staff with many incentives. Such as the "Dream Weaver" program, intended to fulfill employees' dreams every year, and internal company awards, like the Founder's Award. One Park Financial also prioritizes their team's wellbeing providing fun activities and health resources such as the BurnAlong program.

"Great Place to Work Certification™ isn't something that comes easily – it takes ongoing dedication to the employee experience," said Sarah Lewis-Kulin, Vice President and Senior Editor at Great Place to Work. "Earning this designation means that One Park Financial is one of the best companies to work for in the country."

About One Park Financial LLC:

One Park Financial LLC, Fund Street Technologies' subsidiary established in 2010, is a leading provider of financing for small businesses nationwide. Founded by entrepreneurs, One Park Financial's mission is to make working capital easily and equally accessible to all small business owners nationwide. We facilitate the process of acquiring business funding by providing a superior user experience online and a "concierge" approach to customer service.

One Park Financial is headquartered in Miami, Florida with a presence in Houston and Dallas, Texas. For more information, you can visit

About Fund Street Technologies LLC:

Fund Street Technologies LLC "FST" is a technology-driven small business financing company. With over 20 years of experience in financing, FST developed in-house systems and joined forces with the best-in-class technology partners to develop their three core platforms: Eagle-FST, Skynet-FST, and Apex-FST. Fund Street Technologies is committed to making financing equally accessible to all small business owners nationwide. For more information, visit

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